Love for free

“Love ran free in the room from her heart to his and like the breeze it walked up to everyone and whispered the news of the love birds”

It’s strange how we fall in love, strangers meeting for the first time and then the attraction just grabs you. It’s amazing how that one sweet gesture changes everything for you, it changes your life and the way you look at each other, its mesmerizing. Few romantic moments, few arguing moments and few break-up and patch-up moments, life actually becomes all about  this. But even if it sometimes sounds stupid, it is actually fun. The cuteness and softness of heart grow on you, the passion warms up your core, and you are all about the cupid. It is indeed one of the big questions of life, as to how people fall in love?

I have been experiencing sweet melodies of life around nowadays, my friends and family members are now married and spending time with them in many ways soothes me down. It is taking me to nostalgia and the pictures of love in the past and present are everywhere around me. Romance is certainly in the air, the feeling of being with someone, the desperation to hold your love in your arms, the urge to just sit beside them, everything is refreshing and vivid.



~ An Empty Glass

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