It’s not the Talent, it’s the Purpose

I wake up early every morning thinking about how the world have changed and how I continuously need to keep my head up with all these changes around. I look myself in the mirror in the restroom and realize that I am a day older now, it gives me happiness and scares me at the same time. I am happy because I am finally stepping towards becoming the Man I once wanted to be when I was a kid, but scared because everything is changing so fast that I am afraid I might not be able to keep up with it.

However, I understand that the fear and happiness is obvious and natural and so most of the times I ignore it, and I quickly walk out to the balcony, I pull the slider and step outside, freshness, nature, green, white, blue and height, life seems just so big and beautiful, I am pumped up with the freshness but feel weird considering I am so small in front of this vast nature. But whatsoever the feeling of being a part of something big enthralls me and I embrace the wind that sneaks into my apartment.

I recall what one of my teachers used to say back in school, “It’s not the talent, it’s the purpose”, I feel it in my bones and my blood today, and I realize how correct she still is, I look around, everyone constantly trying to step on others to excel in life, working day and night to stay on the track, honing the skills and the talents passed down from generations or finding new skills and talent for themselves.

Only here I wait, and I think about it, “Am I slow?” I guess I have never been slow, “But then why don’t I work like others do?”, I guess it is simply because of the very fact, that I understand “It is not the Talent, but the Purpose that keeps a person on track”, the purpose to become more than self, the purpose to give something back to the world and not take something away from someone. Moreover the purpose to try to stay modest and humble, the purpose to try to be just, and the purpose to live.



“Stay Humble and Just”


~ An Empty Glass




2 Responses to “It’s not the Talent, it’s the Purpose”
  1. chely5150 says:

    I agree whole heartedly. The world has become too centered on “the what’s in it for me” way of being normal. What happened to kindess, generosity and caring about others. Probably every generation says it but I worry about the world my grandkids will live in as adults. Scary thought!

    • akhandsi says:

      Thanks for visiting and the comment.

      I have lately feeling this strongly that the world around has changed in unimaginable ways. Like I experienced once people walking by while I was bullied, It made me think about it as I grew up, Exactly its mostly about “what’s in it for me”, but I still think there is hope for everyone.

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