Letter of sorrow


There is this emptiness in our life without you, this scarcity of happiness and hope. I wish you were here with us, like the old times, we could have been pulling each other’s legs, sharing the untold stories and the life experiences. I miss you just like everyone else does.

Life is just not fair, I guess it was never but it was ok, I never complained about it until I lost you. You were the hope I never had before brother, the simplicity and the grace of you, just motivated me and helped me throughout my good and bad times. When you died I lost all of it, the faith and the hope to save the world and probably the hope to make a difference, but I know you wouldn’t want me to lose it and give up, so I will still try to fight the odds like the old times.

May be eventually I will make that difference in the world, as you made a difference in my life, and maybe I will be able to live the life we once dreamt for the three of us. I still wish you were here with us.

Miss you like always.



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