I need that Smoke

Sliding down in the depths of society

I marvel if I ever endured in the reality

The truth and the lies, the war and the cries

A jar full of emotions, yet a spoon burdened with skies

I need some weed, the magical grass of calm and closure

And I need that smoke, the lightness of heart and mind

Does it even make some sense? And I marvel if it rhyme?


Submerging in the tsunami of societal beliefs

I marvel if I ever learned to float

A vast land of prosperity and wealth

Filled with greed and revenge

I need a glass of whisky, the porous tonic for insanity

And I need that taste, the toughness and rudeness.


Counting the last breaths of social disorders

I wonder what would come next for me

A grin, a regard or a satisfaction of dying

I need that glass now, the smoke and the whisky

And I need the sorrows, the rains and the breeze that is still mystic.

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014

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