The Conceptual and Complicated Amor

The eyes searching for love,

The desire to hope for the dove

Strangled and tired with the burden of truth

We still survive a another day with the fuss

What is love without the hope?

What is love without the outcome?

It’s complicated, the assumption of mind

Few drops of honey yet the taste of lime

Isn’t love is about falling recklessly

The nature of fleshy heart to flaunt abruptly

It’s different when we walk in shadows of red

The violin, the guitar the face of a newlywed.

Why don’t we stay that way forever?

Is changing the skin, modern day’s love’s nature?

May be it is complicated when the heart roams for the few

Oh wait, not my fault, this is the creator’s design that’s still new

Love is love, simple and sober

Maybe we should teach the mind, to keep love as it has been forever.

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
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