Rolling Into Another Phase

Wait! Did it just happen?

Lightening struck me, the eyes wide open

Am I just dreaming? Is this the right emotion?

Seemed I waited a century for this day

Finally, there is love, a relief and a lot of happiness on my way

Really close, I am very near to the destiny

Raise your glasses my friends, I am going to be the pooh of my Winnie

There are a million of voices in my head

Some of a drummer’s base and some of the wedding trumpets

I am happy and turned on with her gaze

Three cheers to life, love and family, I am rolling into another phase.

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
2 Responses to “Rolling Into Another Phase”
  1. nishipal says:

    Congratulations Akhandsi! and what a perfect way to shout out your happiness! nice poem.. 🙂

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