A Dog Saves You

A friend, companion, father and son

Your dog is everything for you strange man

The bonds of pure love and care

You are the only one for whom your dog shares

See it isn’t that complicated after all

Once you accept the animal in you, you two become the best pals.

A dog saves you, its true and expressive. Growing up we’ve always had dogs in our house, I grew up with them. Everything about a dog is mesmerizing and happy, when you see them growing up, you know that the bond that you share with them is never going to vanish. There are no expectations of money or luxuries but just of love between you two. Their glittering eyes actually cast a  magical spell of love on you and you become dependent and caring of your dog. When you are sad, your dog knows it and does whatever it can to cheer you up, isn’t that unique and awesome ?.

I wish we were a little more like our dogs, loyal and caring. The world would have been such a beautiful place to live in.

A Dog saves you from yourself and keep the humanity intact.

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014

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