27 Days of Slumber

How does it feel to be alive? Uncounted breaths for a run of thousand miles, a little of suspense I guess.


It has been enough of slacking in the past

I am all awake now, wide eyes and red heart

It’s about time to turn the tide

Bring out the best and wake up the beast inside

No more giving up to the stress and confusions

Bones have already been hammered to get enough suspensions

It’s a journey of thousand miles I agree

But how to live a happy life is not learned in a degree

You have to be a little of an explorer

Work hard and keep yourself together

No one, mind it no one became successful on a bed

It was the sweat and the desire to do something instead

So here I stand toe to toe

Waking up after a 27 days of slumber.



© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014

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