Stand For What You Believe In

With a pistol in his hand, he looks at the mirror, thinking about what wrong he did to deserve this. What was it that he could have changed? And how the hell he ended up in this situation? Is he proud of what he is now? He thinks repeatedly, Wonders if the world was a better place without him or it was actually a little better just because of him. And then with a blast he falls on the ground, blood spills on the floor.

This is how we are losing out our youth today. Suicides are common; In fact the rate of people committing suicide has been increased since last decade and is still on its move.

It’s weird how we live our lives, dreaming about a better future, but sitting with shackles of the past. It still amazes me, rather saddens me when I think of the world we live in and the culture we come from. I wonder how I ever made it this far, I should have died a thousand times by now.  Rather, I should have been sacrificed to satiate the demonic society we live in and my blood should have been sprinkled all over just to add another color to our society, probably to make it vivid.

As a human being, sometimes I am lost, I can’t make a sense of why we ever divided our society in sub-castes, and religions, races, etc. was it to make ourselves feel better? Was it to say that I am the king and you are the peasant? I don’t get it, what does the king actually mean? And how is this king different than a peasant? It is just absurd that we shed blood based on our religion and race; we kill to prove that we are a better race; we rape to prove that we are a stronger gender; we pray to prove that we are a better devotee; we feast to prove that we are a wealthy family. And then to hide all these shortcomings of our character we exaggerate on our social activities and launch campaigns to address these issues, but at the same time repeatedly boast and prove the former.

In a family of four, equality is preached since childhood, the kids have been taught to speak, they are encouraged to be better humans and motivated to be skillful and to be a leader. But what happens when they grow up, things change drastically, the expectation is not of honesty anymore, it is not about being right anymore, not even of being a leader, but the expectation is to follow the herd, the expectation is to please the society rather than self-happiness.  I don’t understand how these changes occur? Why the kids were taught to be honest, to have self-respect and to be independent when the expectations were always the opposite. This is the pitfall of our society right now, we have no idea, literally no idea of what we really want, and who we really are. We struggle from day to day to express ourselves, buying clothes and accessories, posting pictures on social media, bragging about our experience of life, but deep down we are always afraid of being alone, being not so cool in public and losing that fake charm that we hold so dear.

Sometimes I look around with peace and I do find the love and serenity, the respect of generations and the adaptability of youth, it makes me happy to see that it’s not all dark around here, but the question scares me “is this real?” and “if this going to last?”. We are mutating towards a strange future, and the humanity we have been trying to preserve will fade only if we let it, the only thing that can save us from extinction is not scientific advancement, but the courage of a strong heart.

Stand for what you believe in.

© An Empty Glass, 2014

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