Greed of Bigger Dreams

Wrapped in the silk of bigger dreams

Are we here to stay or to fly away

A lot of comforts but scarcity of love

Plethora of opportunities but no celebrations

Was this our destiny? the fate of this century

Or was it just a wrong choice, the guilt of this lone soul

You know, do you know

I should have been there, when you were growing old.

You said one more year and I stayed

The years became seven and let me come home, I said

One more year, you kept pushing

And now I am wrapped in the greed of bigger dreams

Few dreams of yours and few of mine

When does this greed end? can you even realize

I am old now and you are older

Stuck in a place thousands of miles from you

Why did it had to be this?

I wish we weren’t wrapped in this greed of bigger dreams.

© Akhand Singh, 2015 © An Empty Glass, 2015

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