Yes, Baby. If I Can Create Her, I Can Draw You

Amazing work of expressing this. Thanks for the read.

Dirty Window Pane Poetry - An Experiment

I’m going to be upfront. Everything that follows may not be to your taste, but if you hold and give it a chance, it will open your eyes. If you digest it, it will nourish your mind. Prepared incorrectly it could certainly do you harm, but you must trust that I’ve taken all precaution to serve you the highest quality of mental intrigue.

You don’t forget a body – The things you notice when you take it slow, when you aren’t looking to get anywhere because where you are is the place you’ve decided to stay a moment; Embrace that moment like it was a first hug. The first real hug, where you realize you can hold on just a bit longer because it’s where you are. It feels like when you lay down satisfied at night sinking into your sheets; A feeling you can’t describe in many other ways. Certainly one word wouldn’t…

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