I am still here

Where do you run when there is nothing visible? Do you think about it? or do you cry loud hoping that someone will hear you out?

I have always wondered, what is life after death, and then after a brief moment I question “Is there any?”.

Beliefs are a little limited right now, I stand on an edge of questioning the very existence of all. May be there will be a tomorrow or may be not, but does it matter too much? does it matter at all?

He died just like that, I was here a thousand miles from him, I couldn’t go, there was no last goodbye but an unfulfilled promise that next time I would meet you, at any cost. Time never really came and he was gone in a blink. He who was the brother I never had, he who was always there as a guiding light, the true friend and a symbolic father. He knew how hard life was for me, he realized himself and explained it to me that I wasn’t born smart but a hard working normal human being. He was the one to show me the path I walk on today.

There are regrets and guilts that I carry in my loving heart, I know who I am, but is it enough? is it a driving factor to lead me into the social parameters and restrictions. Is it something that gets me accepted in the cultural and traditional dogma. I am here where I was never before breathing, just breathing.

© An Empty Glass, 2015

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