In ways

In ways we have found each other

Drifting towards our hearts

Sailing in this boat of love

Darling, we have come so far

I look back at time when we were kids

We were naive and heedless of love

But something about you mesmerized me

Probably the innocence that was never defined

I swam across the ocean of needles

Only to say I love you and ask for you to be mine

Luckily, you did say yes, but oh god that took a while

The moment you said yes, my heart melted to its core

I rejuvenated and like a lion I roared

We are still young as we once were

Only tired I guess

But remember that in ways we have found each other

Drifting towards our hearts

No matter where this boat takes us

We will be here right where we are.

© Akhand Singh, 2015 © An Empty Glass, 2015
3 Responses to “In ways”
  1. jeanixAngel says:

    Lovely post… 🙂

  2. jeanixAngel says:

    Your welcome.. you deserved it… 🙂

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