Good Byes are always hard.

Plain paper

Good-byes are always hard, no matter how good the journey had been, when it comes to bid good-bye your heart suffers the aches and goes into nostalgia.

The memories doesn’t go easy on you either, though they seem like soft and cute spells of happiness, they torture you like an interrogator. You seem stuck to a point of suffocation, you don’t want to move, not even a slight of motion. Your heart feels burdened just as your eyes and your soul. You just don’t want to say it, you restrain yourself from saying it, however you know it is the right thing to do. But you question yourself “is it?”.

You look into the eyes of your beloved, there is an immense love that you feel in your guts, there is an unsatisfied urge, an unsung song and an incomplete story. You know your heart, you know how badly you want to seize this moment, but…

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