Faith that we hold on to, is complex and turmoil, yet transparent than a breath, I guess it is because of the strong bounds of choices that we make everyday, the choices that makes us who we are and who we can be eternally. It is nothing but like a memory that gives you a taste but doesn’t satisfy your hunger and you keep wondering about why you are still hungry.

As we go deep into this night, we must not lose this faith for we only crave for the taste as it’s only in the mind, the sorrows and the trouble. Sooner or later this life fades but the connection you establish with the molecules around, glues you to your destiny and your legacy, leaving behind your incorruptible faith.

It’s the faith that you have that carries you to the edges, the edges of being someone and the edges of existing. And here you were wondering what was important and what is going to be wrong in the future? Wrong! What is it? Is it a state of mind? Is it confusion or a differentiation? And so I thought I had answers of every question.

But what is it that binds us, gets us into someone else’s mind, dreams, heart and the body?

Life is itself a miracle and a series of unanswered questions. Nobody around knows it, but they brag about understanding what life is and I guess that includes me and so I am stuck in reverse like everybody else.

© An Empty Glass, 2015

3 Responses to “Edges”
  1. esoofi says:

    Very true. The inner faith that keeps us moving.

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