Diary of a Young Man – Part 17

Plain paper

June 21 2015

Slipping into the coma of choices, I wonder where is the right answer. For hours, I gaze at the stars but the silence sails smooth, then with a thought I pick up the books but there is nothing, no one has ever explained me that “what being right is” and even when they do, I guess I am never convinced. All I know is that, there is no cheat code, and no short cut but the lonely road and a tiring journey. I wonder if there is something wrong with me, am I different? Am I the outcast or the unwanted? I guess I have always wondered about these things. It’s like a realization, that grew up as I did, the realization that I don’t fit in, the thought that, I come from a different age, a different era. Am I a time traveller?

I look around and…

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