Pride – Get Away and Come Together

Stuck in a deep dark crevice

We have dreamt of a future from the past

Peeping from the windows of fear and shame

We have hidden the gems, the heart of us

But as the world marches towards this pride

I sit in a cafe and realize

It’s been long, long enough to this course

Rivers of tear and rivers of blood

Shades of skin and colors of gender

But we made it, and survived this far

Emphasizing that we are what we are,

There isn’t going to be a change in this course

A destiny waits, stripping out these social blindfolds

So get away and come together

Break the silence and these stupid barriers

Love isn’t a crime or guilt

Fuck the world that hates and despise

Get away and come together

Because we are free and we are alive.

© Akhand Singh, 2015 © An Empty Glass, 2015
3 Responses to “Pride – Get Away and Come Together”
  1. kareese13 says:

    Reblogged this on Catch Up With Kay and commented:
    Great poem on the wonderful history that was made!!

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