A Thousand Miles

On this journey of a thousand miles

I have drifted, paused and bruised

Sometimes for longer than I could remember

Sometimes for a shorter version of the lumber

Putting my heart out of this flesh

I have walked rigorously to expose this emotional chest

Scribing my soul on the plain papers

I was destined into an empty glass of dreams and letters

Acting as a villain and an outcast

Here I stand as a hero that will forever last

What else I could have asked for?

But to hold the courage and pursue my heart

Dream big and bigger with every scar

And so the shadowed hope never died

It sparked, lived and grew with a smile

And finally here I am stepping up for that another mile

Rounding the figures and the curves inside

© Akhand Singh, 2015 © An Empty Glass, 2015
2 Responses to “A Thousand Miles”
  1. Molly says:

    Nice work Akhand…Congrats 🙂

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