Hole in my heart

The abyss of eternity

Lost a friend

The brother by destiny

Memories, grief and pain

The world of lonely and worthless fame

A few pictures of the past

The wall, grotto, Sadar and coaching class

Bike, shoulder and bicycle

Girls, writing and the mentoring

A short life full of stories

Stuck with an unfulfilled promise of glories.

Growing up I didn’t realize how tricky life could really be, you make so many promises as you grow but it’s never certain that you can keep them. A few years ago I lost one of my best friend. He was not only a friend but also a brother and a mentor to me, and losing him realized me how tiny and helpless I am in this universe.

I miss him; there are so many things I wish he could have been there for. And now when I am moving forward in my life, one step at a time, I think of him more and more. We had made promises to be there for each other, be friends, even when we grow old, get married, have kids and so on.

But now he is not there and left a hole in our lives, emptiness that screams now and then.

People say he is there, his soul is watching over us. I don’t know, I think I don’t believe in that, he is simply gone, at least from our lives. I do believe if I follow what he preached, I can make his memories happy and cherished. And so I am on a right track. But that is not enough, I will always be left with a complaint that we were robbed of our opportunities to grow old and make more memories.

Jobin M Verghese,once said to me  “Dude you are capable of miracles” – I wish I could have saved you, that would have been my miracle.

© An Empty Glass, 2015


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