Silently Screaming

A few wolves, a few fox
Life is running in circles
Something I was, something I used to be
In this moment, where is that memory ?
A glimpse of the future, but stuck with the lore of past
Silently screaming, my mind, my heart and my beliefs
Wanting something so bad, if its only real
Some words of wisdom, but some just obnoxious
What is it, that keeps us on our toes ?
Continuously igniting our thoughts
Giving a desire and pushing to the edge
Keeping the hope breathing, the one that is still left ?
Will I fall now, fall freely into this night ?
Slowly drifting away into a strangeness
A few wolves, a few fox
Life is still running in circles
Ā© Akhand Singh, 2017 Ā© An Empty Glass, 2017
One Response to “Silently Screaming”
  1. VishalDutia says:

    Nice One šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’

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