A Glass Of Clean Water – Progress

Here is an update that I have received from Charity : Water about the money we raised being spent in Kenya to provide clean water to people in need.


A Glass of Clean Water $600.00 Kenya

The projects you helped fund are in the West Pokot and Tana River regions of Kenya. More than 850,000 people live there, but only 42% of the population has access to clean, safe drinking water. Thanks to your help, we’re working to change that!


Our partner, Action Against Hunger, has been empowering community members in the Tana River region to participate in the construction of hand-dug wells. This training takes place with elected members from the community alongside the local government water department.

Here’s a sneak peek on what’s covered by constructing a new hand dug well:

  • Digging the well by hand
  • Lining the well walls with soil to prevent collapse
  • Reinforcing the well walls with concrete rings
  • Chlorinating the well to disinfect it from contamination
  • Constructing drainage systems to collect excess water for livestock
  • Record keeping for maintenance and repair

4 3

Community members participating in repair of hand pump.                             Hand-dug well under construction.

Training sessions help the community make minor repairs to the projects when necessary and ensure the community is prepared with a preventative fund for larger repairs.

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me raise this fund and be a part of something bigger than any of us. Providing clean water to everyone and specially people who need it is my primary goal and a strong belief. I am glad I accepted this opportunity to make a difference and provide help to people in need.

– Akhand

Please stay tuned for update, as I hear from Charity: water I would provide an update.

Thanks again for helping out.

#charitywater #anEmptyGlass

© An Empty Glass, 2015

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