“Everybody has a story to tell and stories to listen to…” ~Akhand

I have always found writing an introduction to be the hardest thing, but then everyone needs an introduction and so here you go.

Who am I?

By profession I am an Engineer the one who works hard to get the software running and spend days developing and designing it. But I am an author by choice.

It’s been more than a decade now that I have written, though I think I only became serious about it by mid 2012 when people were scared of the supposed to happen Apocalypse, the Dooms Day, and there I was in a café thinking about life and seeking a new start.  Writing is now one of the things I am really passionate about, for me it is more than a hobby, it’s an expression, rather I will say that it’s more of a way for me to become a part of something that doesn’t exists but somewhere it still does.

When did it all start?

It all started in year 2002 when somebody asked me “Can you write something for me?” I replied, “Why not? I can surely try”.

A few weeks later I wrote my first poem “Thinking of You” and dedicated it to love and the free life. During the late 2007 I started working on a story titled “The Slip Of Me” and then I embarked upon this journey to express and write my heart out, not limiting the expressions to just poetries I kept trying new things and started writing short stories as well.

Growing up I have always believed of life in simple terms “You’ve got to love what you do” or “You got to do what you love”. So in year 2012 after missing that Apocalypse, I followed my heart and my love to learn and drink and so started  this website tagged as “An Empty Glass”.

What are you looking at?

An Empty Glass is my attempt to find the sleep for the dreamer in me. It’s a journey that I have embarked upon knowingly and seeking something beyond the boundaries of my imagination. It’s an initiative to express my emotions: unconditionally, uncorrupted and fearlessly.

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