Here is the collection of short stories written by me.

Click on the links to read. Happy Reading fellas 🙂


The Pain of Separation

 Few love stories end up in pain and few ends with happiness. What were the fate of    relationship and love between James and Nicol? This story explores what happens to two lovers after they break up following a fight.


Death is a mere fiction; it’s a myth for it’s not an end, not a cure. It’s just a beginning.

Face of Stranger 

Sometimes miracles happen and in the end true love brings you back from dead and.

Green Sticker

An attraction that grew up into passionate love. Green sticker is a story about two person accidentally falling in love.

Crush Like love

Did he ever love her? Or does he just like her? Just like he thinks he liked everyone else in the past.

more coming soon…

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  1. Joy says:

    Thanks so much for the follow – I appreciate it! You’ve got lots of good stuff here … 🙂

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