Story of a Tree

Winter breeze reminds me that I am warm
deep inside I am breathing.
Dying roots and falling leaves might say a lot
deep inside I am still dreaming.
So many sunsets I’ve witnessed
yet the more was the sunrise
Who says the weather is predictable
I’ve seen snow in summers as a surprise.
Falling stars always whispered about the other worlds
so did the birds always murmured
I wish I could move or I could fly
instead , with every minute I only withered.
Four season of my life was all I had
the first one started when I was planted.
In the womb of soil
I spent my first years nourished with love and care.
What should I say of that feeling
the words I might use are really rare.
When I grew as a seedling
I knew it was the second season
Sooner I was to grow tall
excited but afraid, I had my reason.
I was young and I was naïve
to see the world I tried to move out of my hive.
I barely survived that horrible storm
yet deep inside I knew I had to move on.
The third season was the season of love
she was beautiful, my dearest dove.
Everyday she would sit on my branch
we’ll talk for hours and I wouldn’t miss a chance.
After one day she never came back
the love I had stayed with me, on top of my rack
Sooner the fourth season arrived
I was sad yet happy that for this long I survived.
I saw miracles and I understood life !
Now when I have a count of breath left
I want to see that new world.
May be I can walk for the first time
or may be I can find my lost love.
© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012

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