The Pain Of Separation – CH2 The Pain

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The Pain of Separation – CH1 At The Airport

James kept waiting in hope for Nicol to return but she was gone and even hours of waiting didn’t make her return to him. It was his turn to wait and cry, but the bold man stood straight and as usual kept every emotion beneath the petal of the rose of his heart.

At last he lost his hopes and moved towards the parking lot where he parked his red mustang still shining like a new one under the moon light. He unlocked the door and moved out of the airport in silence. Memories of all the good and bad times were troubling him and he was still able to remember that his car saw their first date and even the first kiss.

Loneliness was the new partner of both of them.

That day he didn’t do anything as the empty house made him realize the scarcity of love in his life and heart, later he went on the bed. After that silent night and the unknown scarcity he moved out of the bed in the morning when his maid brought him the bed tea.

“Good morning Sir” she said

“Good Morning Maria, what’s the time?” he asked

“Its 11:00 in the morning sir” She replied

“Oh my God, it’s late, I am late to office” he exclaimed

“Excuse me sir, but today is Sunday” she smiled gently.

“Oh I forgot, but still I’ve got plans to be out with my friends, so why don’t you take a paid vacation for like a week?” he asked

“That would be great sir, thank you” she said

“I’ll take a leave after I finish my work today” she said again.

Around 4:00 PM

Out of the normal routine James did everything he could have done, engaging himself in his work so that he could not be troubled by the memories of his love. The day went off when the dusk knocked at his door, in the night he went out with his friends. He was dressed in black that gave a brighter look to his well built and brawny personality, the fair color of his skin emerged as a new color that day. He was always like the same, the cynosure in every party and girls were used to being around him from his college days. That’s how he met Nicole and then he fell in love with her.

“Hey James” Ronnie said. Ronnie was one of his closest friends.

“Ron, where are the other guys?” he asked.

“They’ll be here in a while, let’s go and get some drinks until then” he suggested.

“Don’t forget that you are supposed to get me drunk, Ron!” James exclaimed.

That night he enjoyed a lot with his friends but the scarcity of love in his life was still troubling him. He gulped drink after drink and could not remember when he lost his control and his friends brought him back home.

Around 3:00 AM

Alone in his home and his bed, James laid quietly. Memories had a good hold on him, he would try to sleep but the sleep seemed to be running away from him. For a second he thought Nicol was still there when he heard something fall on the ground in the kitchen. He jumped out of bed and hurried towards the noise.  Finding that it was just the wind that might have pushed the glass from the opened window he was hurt and for the moment he couldn’t resist himself from calling Nicol. It was still a state of confusion after he dialed the number but then it was too late and soon after he decided that he didn’t have courage to talk.

“Hello! James?” She asked.

He was stunned and was not able to collect words to deliver.

“Hello, is anybody there? James?” She asked again.

“Nicol” he finally said something, still unable to find words.

Silence penetrated both the sides as at that minute, both Nicol and James were confused and it was difficult for them to find the words to continue the conversation.

“James, what happened? Please say something” she said.

“Nothing, I wanted to know about how you would be collecting your ornate?” he asked hiding that he was missing her badly as his ego forced him to do so.

“I don’t need them, do whatever you wish with them, bye” she busted.

It was the end of the call.

Their ego clashed again and it ruled out the chance of their love and affection to hold a place. They both were madly in love with each other but still there was a need to realize that they formed a part of each other’s lives. After that call, it was all like a state of desolation for James and the flash of Nicol’s face and words took away his sleep and with it his overdose of alcohol became a habit. He didn’t realize when he started getting late to office, when the sun started annoying him, his performance was toppled and that was surely affecting his career. Drinking heavily was now not just a routine but a need for him to forget about his relationship, even his maid Maria gave up pleading not to ruin his life and just ask Nicol to come back.

The story was same with Nicol; the sleep wouldn’t come no matter what she tried. But being a smart and matured girl she knew that life was more about her career. She was working hard to excel in life and her interest in fashion designing made her an upcoming fashion designer of the year. But even after every fame and melodies she still would cry and would have her own song of melancholy, she remembered James and all those romantic moments they spent together.

4 months later…

James career was at an end where Nicol was on a new height of success and fame. They both were unaware of each other’s lives and there was a need for a miracle to make them live together again.

It was a Saturday night when James was out at the pub and was busy with his drinking.

“James!” someone exclaimed in his ears.

“Remember me, we met at the party 2 months ago” she says

“Reena, hey it’s nice to see you again, yes sure I remember you” he said still shaking on his words as the alcohol grabs his mind.

“What happened to you? When was the last time you look into a mirror” she says.

“Nothing I am fine” he replies

“I can see that” she frowns.

“One more please” he asked the bartender for another quarter of whiskey.

“Sir, it’s already the 16 Th one, you are drunk, we can’t allow you anymore” he said.

“What the heck! 16th are you out of your mind James?” she busted.

“Let’s go, I’ll drop you at your home” she insisted.

“No I will manage on my own and I need one more quarter I said” he stared at the bartender.

“James its’ too much now, you have to come with me “she insisted holding James’s hand.

No one has said this to James from the last few months, so it felt a little strange for him.

It was already dark when Reena brought him to his place. She opened the door and took him to his bedroom, where she changed his clothes and waited till he was into a deep sleep. He missed every moment he spent with Nicol and the way she used to love him and she comforted him was unique. He was missing them all and when Reena provided him with her care and affection he felt comforted after those lonely months, the touch of a woman left an impact on him.

Reena kissed his forehead and wished him a good night there by leaving for her home.

The next morning when James opened his eyes, he had such a hangover. He remembers nothing but the thought that Reena dropped him, she changed his clothes and she kissed him. He was confused and scared that if something happened between them last night. As he touches his forehead he still can feel the touch of her lips.

With the ring of telephone he came out of his thoughts and hurried to pick up the phone.


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  1. anshul says:

    i can see the maturity in writing.. keep it up

  2. Awesome 🙂 cant wait to read what comes next!!

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    Awesome.. Waiting for the next one.. Plz post it ASAP.. 😃

  4. Kriti Verma says:

    read it just now in office…waiting for the next part 🙂

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