Trophy Case

WordPress is awesome 🙂

Going through my blog and stepping up with the work I was amazed today when I found this section. I have blogged personally and professionally from last two years and looking at these achievements makes me happy and they stand as the promises and proof that I am doing good and can definitely do better.



Starting April 24,2012 readers have started following my blog and as I reached more than 100 followers this week , I feel proud and confident that readers like what I write.
















Starting April 19,2012 readers have started liking my posts on my blog. I have crossed over 200 likes just on WordPress and more than 788 likes on my Facebook Page and Twitter.














World Captured:

This has been the most promising of all the stats. Screaming out loud that my work is being read in various corners of our world.  I am proud to think and to witness that readers from countries which I don’t even know exists on map are reading my blog. This definitely inspires me and sings a merry song that I am reaching to hearts not bounded by nationalities, race , culture and creed.














Thanks again for keeping touch fellas 🙂


Keep reading and writing 🙂 Together let’s make the world a better place to live in.



~ An Empty Glass


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