Marvel Life

Sinking into the depth of this night

I am calling it a good day

Exhausted but smiling, I have too much to say

The musical chords wrapped around my head

Reminds me that I am still here on my bed

Breathing as I dream without any fear

Embracing the warmth and this cold beer

Oh what a marvel life it is

The smiles, the laughter and the slow speed

I am here as I was before

Calling this day as a savior, as a hero.

© Akhand Singh, 2015 © An Empty Glass, 2015
4 Responses to “Marvel Life”
  1. Euphie says:

    Hello!!! Just trying to collaborate work of few poets into one book with few of my poems 🙂 If interested, Please reach out.


  2. esoofi says:

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award 🙂 you can copy and paste the badge from my post. The rest of the details can be found on this link:

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