Few Breaths

Somewhere In World 1:

“Was it her last breath? “He thought as she closed her eyes. Worried and exhausted he knew this was the truth after a thousand lies.

“Was his love always enough?” He questions as her head rests on his lap.

“Did I keep her happy?” He asks himself again as she seems to take a nap.

She smiles as she open her eyes, blinking infinitely into a loop, memories from past walks up to her chest. This is how she wanted to spend the entire life, resting her head on his lap, looking at him directly into the eyes, dreaming about the future yet breathing in the lovable air of present.

But life isn’t fair at-least not to her. Discovering about her brain tumor left them both devastated and robbed of their happiness. It’s been just few months that they got married and the plans to have an awesome future are now on hold.

She knows that she only has few breaths left and she don’t want to waste them, she wants to make love for the last time. Her heart wants to pop out once again like it did for the first time they met. She wants to hold him tight.

Tears roll down from his eyes to her cheeks as he looks her face, he has tried to hold on them from too long now. He knows he is breaking into pieces, and every piece of him is yelling “why? Why is this happening to us?”

He wishes he had more time to show her how much he loved her.

Somewhere In World 2:

Sitting on the beach for so long tanned her body, but it slowly started hurting her.  Her skin was burning under that brutal sun. She has sat there ever since he died. Thinking about the moments they spent together as friends and then as lovers.

She couldn’t escape a smile when she thinks about how he proposed her, riding the bicycle he followed her scooter throughout the traffic, shouting her name while she kept riding unable to hear anything because of the headphones. Then suddenly he caught her on the next signal point, after he took a shortcut and came from front. She laughs remembering how he came on his knees with the flowers that were almost crushed but with a smile he said “I love you”. Those three words changed everything for them.

Last week when he died, he was still following her on his bicycle, when suddenly a car hit him and crushed him beneath its tires. He was gone far away from her.

As the waves touch her feet, she thinks about everything she ever wanted to tell him. She wanted to let him know that he was the only one that could ever touch her heart this strong. She cries out loud wishing that she could have told him that she loved him like crazy forever, even before he said “I love you” to her.

Somewhere In World 3:

“Not everyone grabs your heart so close, but he did it as a friend, brother and a mentor”

Him: Bro, how are you?

Me: dude don’t ask, have been hell busy with work.

Him: Don’t stress with you work

Me: ya, it’s just for few months

Me: I am coming to India for my sister’s wedding in November.

Him: Congratulations brother 🙂

Me: Thanks dude, we should meet this time, and it’s been more than 3 years.

Him: ya, but you will be busy in the wedding.

Me: That is true, but doesn’t matter we have to meet this time.

Him: Alright, whatever you plan

Me: We’ll meet no matter what.

And this was the last conversation I had with my best friend; he died in a road accident three days later.  I cried like hell for days, realizing that I can’t see him, I will never meet him again and I won’t be able to ever talk to him. I cursed myself over and over for not being able to meet him a year before, even when he booked me a ticket. I should have met him.

Sitting on that empty room, that day I decided no more saying “I wish I could have said”, I knew life is never going to give me a second chance and so I promised myself that I would write, read and sing my heart out for what I feel and spend the most of it doing what I want and being with whom I want.

I don’t know if he went to hell or heaven or if he is still here, but I know he showed us the heaven for every moment he was with us.

 I really love you brother, you have and will be always an inspiration.


To you sitting and reading somewhere in some world:

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to anybody, I wish abundance of happiness and prosperity for you and your family. But I know life is a bitch, it bites and hits your harder than you can realize and imagine.

I have been through one these situations; I wish I really could have shown my friend that he was more than a brother to me. I wish I could have held him tight and threw him a kick ass bachelor party on his wedding. I wish I could have taught and tell his kids the story of our friendship. But I know it’s too late.

Hope it’s not too late for you.

Imagine yourself on these circumstances and ask yourself.

“What would you do?”

“What is the one last thing that you really want to tell them?”

Don’t just ponder; remember we all have only few breaths, say what you need to say before it’s too late.


~ An Empty Glass


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