A Quitting Day In Life

Struggling to get a good body since two years, I feel like quitting on gym now. Although I think that is the only good thing in life that has driven me to go on and keep fighting but the heart badly wants to quit now. Thinking about the cause I think it’s just the failure, I guess I am trying to be a loser now and trying to quit badly, but the fear is what am I going to do after I quit?

Apart from that recently I think I have developed a huge undertaking of understanding what is going on around and getting attached to it. It’s like I can’t shut my eyes, cannot ignore the pin drop of emotion and tension around and can’t help in not feeling that of other’s as of my own. I don’t know since when I became this observant and concerned. But the worst part is that the fear is that if I somehow stop everything, my writing would be affected and there would be no way to express things the way I can do now.

Somewhere I think, it is all going to come to an end, things are going to fix themselves and would lead to a simple life. But deep down inside I can hear the scream and yelling that it’s worth giving up. At this point of time even the motivational speeches, videos and pictures seems to be failing, I guess I would have to find a self-way to figure this out and get out of the abyss. But what if I don’t want to?



~ An Empty Glass


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