Have you ever thought about dying?

Have you ever thought about dying?

I have, a million time

How is it going to be? I wonder

Smooth or simple, may be an accident

Blood all around, the heart break sound

Is it going to embrace me? I wonder

A cute peck on the heart, or a shock of surrender

Few breaths left, I rigorously ponder

What is in death that I fear? I wonder

A whisper traps the ears and roots deep down under

I am not afraid of the death but the life to which I surrender

Have you ever thought about dying?

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
2 Responses to “Have you ever thought about dying?”
  1. Great poem. And yes I have thought about death. I think we all have. Guess it’s the fear of the unknown.

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